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FB_IMG_1452908954250After three long years the hunt to get a taste of New England Brewing Co. Fuzzy Baby Ducks IPA comes to an end. Like many I read the hype on various beer related websites and listened to people carry on about how amazing it is with kegs lasting at a bar for 15 minutes, people running around the state to find it on tap or standing on line for 3 plus hours the few times a year the brewery releases the beer for growler fills. Obviously as a beer junky I just had to try it too.  This quest became personal every time I would pop into a bar that had Fuzzy and the keg had just kicked or the bar, My Place next door to my store would get a keg and I would be stuck at work and by the time I got there the beer was gone, my own personal white whale.

Finally, I catch a lead.  My friend and employee, Mike has an in. His wife is bartending at a bar that has a keg of Fuzzy going on tap last Thursday and seats are saved at the bar for us.  The wait is almost over.

Here’s a quick bit of info on the beer Fuzzy. It is a Citra hopped IPA.  Citra hops have the aroma/flavor of citrus, peach and tropical fruit and in my opinion a very delicious hop in any IPA.

Well the time has come to finally get my taste.  Fuzzy pours a nice golden color with an inch of white fluffy head. The aroma is floral and grassy with definite hints of lemon. Time for the first sip.  It definitely has some lemon and grass notes with a slight bitter hoppy finish.  Taste is subjective so I understand some people will think I’m crazy but I hate to say it this was one of the most 20160114_184617disappointing experiences in recent memory.  I thought to myself, I have at least 3 IPA’s on the shelf at my store available everyday that are better. The hype certainly out weighed the payoff, for me anyway.  Fuzzy was very good and refreshing.   Full disclosure I had 2 but it finished thin and wa a bit underwhelming when you consider the fanfare surrounding this beer. Luckily, also pouring that night was New England’s Supernaut IPA.   Now this absolutely hit it out of the park!  Big tropical fruit on the nose and great mango flavor.   I’m guessing some mosaic hops in there gave it a nice balanced bitterness and great body.   Total homerun!   I’m glad I tried Fuzzy and got to knock it off the list.  I am also glad I didn’t kill myself trying to get it.

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Chris Ciskey

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