Sunday Morning (Stout that is)

I was awoken fairly early this particular Sunday by my daughter who was having quite the exciting morning. So at 9:30AM it hit me. I had just picked up a few Sunday Morning Stouts from Weyerbacher at our store. I thought I should go ahead and give one of those a try.  I never drink beer that early in the morning, however I figured what the heck the bottle did say “Sunday Morning Stout” and it was Sunday morning.


As it poured this amazing black with a creamy brown thick head, I was hit with a rush of Vanilla infused Oak and big roasted coffee smells. What started as a great idea in my mind quickly had me questioning if I had made the right decision opening this 11.3% bourbon barrel aged stout this early. I sat in my chair, took a sip and let it sit there in my mouth and boy those flavors were amazing! I immediately got that vanilla infused oak from the bourbon barrels followed by a little dark chocolate with big coffee notes and a little booze on the back end which I would expect from a beer like this. It took me some time to finish as it was so early and such a big beer to start with, but by no means do I regret my decision. I decided I’d definitely be aging a little of this because I can feel it will get sweeter and smooth out on the back end over time.   Overall, it was a good decision. I’d recommend giving this delicious stout a try sometime.


(93) Weyerbacher Sunday Morning Stout (Easton, PA) 11.3%ABV

Scott Ciskey

Scott Ciskey

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